Monday, August 27, 2007


Okay, I am pathetic. It is now day 8 of my vacation, and I am going out of my freaking mind. I have serious issues if I can't just relax and enjoy this "uninterrupted" time with my kids and husband, right? I am struggling to face ANOTHER day of the pool and beach. . .I hate to say it, but the one-year old is just a lot of work. Here is the mommy disclaimer - of course I love him, and love being with him, but it is NON stop. It takes 30 minutes to get lubed up, packed up, dressed up and then we are at the pool for all of 20 minutes before I am antsy to leave because it is so much work with the little one. I feel like I suck, once again. Home is easier, but then there are the distractions, and j is off again. Why can't I just be happy to have us all in 1 place, spending time together (if you don't count the computer time?)?????

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